pierre-legrandBorn in Paris, an engineer by profession, Pierre Legrand’s artistic journey began after coming to India in 1968.

Legrand’s work took off with the invention of a coded script, in an effort to understand the mystery of being human from the cellular level, that innermost core where the material and the spiritual can impact each other to alter life and the environment. This coded script has structured his work over the years: painting, sculpture, public and private installations and, sometimes, even music. It has also morphed with different materials, growing increasingly free as he explored the coded structure. All Legrand’s work is based on algorithms and mathematical formulas which translate language into visual equivalents of structure and colors.

Pierre Legrand exhibited extensively in Europe and India from 1989-200, including include installations such Resonance at UNESCO, Paris & Light Matter, Light Station & Colour Piano in Auroville. His work has featured alongside Mark Tobey, (Dimensions of the Infinite, Paris) and with Richard Serra (Schwarz, Cologne). Legrand’s work then shifted to the exploration of space in collaboration with architecture. He returned to painting again, experimenting with different kinds of support with a focus on porosity, lightness and space that blur the boundaries between the human being and the environment.
He lives and works in Auroville, India

Pierre Legrand
Auroville 605101 (TN)

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